making pigeons go away with bird spikes

In cities, pigeons around homes and businesses are a serious problem. They carry germs that could be dangerous to your health. Pigeons frequently roost on window ledges and gutters, forcing residents to clean their droppings on a daily basis to prevent the spread of diseases.

While city dwellers have to fight against pigeons every day, people living in the countryside also need to use tricks to keep away doves, sparrows, blackbirds, ravens, jackdaws, crows, starlings, seagulls, swallows, or even magpies.

To prevent birds from roosting on balcony ledges, gutters and railings, installing spikes is still the most effective form of repellent. As they are sturdy and innocuous, bird prevention spikes are ideal for deterring pigeons or any other type of bird from approaching your building.

There are two lines of Oisipic bird repellents to better adapt to every situation – the Standard line and the Premium line.

pics gamme standard zoom

Bird prevention spikes with PVC base

The Standard line comes with a UV-resistant base and stainless steel spikes. The materials are very strong and also easy to mount, allowing for quick and reliable installation.

pics gamme premium

All stainless steel bird prevention spikes

Our Premium line of bird spikes are made entirely of stainless steel to ensure an exceptionally long service life. In addition to being particularly robust and wear-resistant, the spikes are suitable for any type of bird, from large seagulls to small pigeons.

The spikes in our Premium line are compatible with Oisiclip fasteners, which are also made of stainless steel for improved durability and resistance to rust. For full protection against all pests, the Premium line also includes tile stoppers that prevent birds and rodents from nesting under your roof tiles day and night.