Oisipic is proud to introduce its new line of bird prevention spikes featuring a heavy-duty PVC base treated for UV resistance and stainless steel spikes.

Chabanne’s research on the latest technologies has enabled us to design a base made of the most resistant polymer on the market. Neither sun rays nor sub-zero temperatures will degrade the quality of the PVC bases of the Standard Oisipic bird prevention spikes. The stainless steel spikes do not rust and also stand up to extreme weather conditions without suffering any deterioration.

They are easy to mount and do not require any special tools. Simply glue or screw them onto guard rails, girders, roof overhangs, window ledges, railings, etc. They are the most effective bird control barrier available today. Standard Oisipic spikes are equally effective when it comes to repelling birds both small (pigeons, sparrows, starlings, etc.) and large (seagulls, etc.).

The Bird repellents for all surfaces and species

The Standard line of Oisipic bird prevention spikes with a PVC base and stainless steel spikes are available in three models ranging from 80 to 150 mm in width. These various sizes allow us to provide you with a product that meets your needs, depending on the width of the surface to be protected.

As it is rather narrow, the Standard 80 model is specially designed for tight spaces such as cornices.

The Standard 120 model offers protection on widths ranging from 120 to 170 mm. This item is available in a self-adhesive version for ultra-quick installation and in a budget version (56 spikes per metre) at a price affordable to all.

For wider surfaces, we recommend you choose a model such as the Standard 150, which is just as durable, but has bird repelling spikes covering a width from 150 to 200 mm.


Technical specifications of Standard Oisipic spikes

  • Spikes made of AISI 302 stainless steel
  • PVC base
  • Length of strips: 50 cm
  • Length of spikes: 11 cm
  • Diameter of spikes: 1.3 mm
  • Number of spikes per metre: 56 to 72 spikes per metre

Pvc spikes that are easy to install and store

The Standard line of Oisipic bird repellents are made in France, measure 50 cm in length and are flexible. You can cut the strips to size with scissors or pliers to fit them to your surface. Our bird prevention spikes can also be glued to any surface using silicone or polyurethane bonds. The Standard line of Oisipic PVC spikes are stackable and packed in an ergonomic box for optimal storage. For your safety, they should be handled with gloves.