Choosing the right bird repellent for your roof

Birds do not just roost on your roof: sometimes they also invite themselves to build their nest and lay eggs under the roof tiles. Once the young birds are born, the noise they make can become a daily nuisance and the accumulation of droppings can, over the long term, become a serious risk to your health.

Additionally, birds are not the only ones who seek to enter under your roof: rodents, such as rats and mice, can also be tempted to heave themselves up under your roof tiles to settle there for a few months.

Luckily, you can protect your roof against pests by installing efficient bird repellents.

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The first solution consists in opting for bird prevention spikes. When placed all along your tiles, these spikes will repel pigeons, sparrows and other birds from your roof.

Bird spikes are ideal for protecting your balconies, railings, and gutters, but they are not the only solution for protecting a roof. While these spikes are very efficient when it comes to repelling birds, they will not prevent rodents from slipping under the tiles. A building that is subject to multiple invasions of small or large rodents may therefore need additional protection.

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If you want to protect the inside of your roof against invading pests, it would be wise to install tile stoppers. To prevent pests from entering under your roof, you merely need a few stoppers: simply place them on each tile along the edge of the roof. The stopper will prevent rodents and birds from entering thus guaranteeing a safe and pleasant home.

Please note that to protect your roof against bird droppings, nesting, and rodent intrusion, you can easily combine these two solutions by equipping your roof with both bird prevention spikes and tile stoppers.